The Subject Matter Expert sub-team provides technical assistance based on the needs of each Design team. The purpose of the SME sub-team is to help the Design teams improve aspects of their respective designs through direct engagement with technical experts in wide range of fields including the following:

• Factory manufacturing of safety-grade and/or large components
• Electricity markets
• Load following and grid integration
• Generation of co-products such as industrial process heat
• Advanced construction techniques
• Reactor physics, neutronics, nuclear data, and shielding
• Structural and functional materials
• Chemistry, chemical interactions, corrosion, and coolant chemistry control
• Nuclear fuel design, fabrication, and performance
• Power conversion and heat transport
• Sensors, instrumentation, controls, autonomous operation, and robotics
• Diagnostics and prognostics
• Safety, severe accidents, and environmental impacts
• Nuclear security and safeguards
• Used fuel and waste management
• Advanced/emerging technologies (such as advanced manufacturing)

The SME sub-team will meet regularly with the Design Team to help identify improvements for design aspects such as safety, security, manufacturability, feasibility, and many other aspects of the designs.