The Modeling and Simulation sub-team supports the Design teams in the access and use of software for modeling various aspects of their reactor designs such as neutronics, thermal-hydraulics, structural mechanics, fuel behavior, and safety analysis.

DOE national laboratories provide a diverse set of tools for reactor design analysis with varying degrees of modeling fidelity, user interface complexity, code access, and computational requirements. The M&S sub-team assists the Design teams in the selection and application of M&S codes for their respective designs. The M&S sub-team connects the Design teams with appropriate points of contact at DOE national laboratories for user guidance and/or dedicated analyst depending on the complexity of the selected software, resource requirements, and the Design Team needs.

An overview of potential codes that are developed and maintained within DOE national laboratories is provided in the main menu. Code manuals and example inputs and outputs are provided where possible. Additional information may be required by the points of contact for each code or tool.