CONTAIN-LMR is a computational tool for safety analysis of containments in Liquid Metal Reactors (LMRs). Included in the phenomena modelled are thermal-hydraulics, radiant and convective heat transfer, aerosol loading and transient response, fission product transport and heating effects, and interactions of sodium and corium with the containment atmosphere and structures. CONTAIN-LMR includes models for sodium-concrete interactions, debris bed phenomena and other LMR-specific models in an integrated manner. CONTAIN-LMR is currently not available for public release. The models from CONTAIN-LMR are currently being incorporated into the MELCOR code. The version of MELCOR with the CONTAIN-LMR models will be released soon by Sandia National Laboratory.

To obtain a copy of MELCOR, a user has to request the code through the NRC at the following link: